Home Education

Home Education

(a) One to One Home Tutor support

Home Education support usually consists of a total of 5 hours per week one to one teaching from a Home Tutor or Tutors.
This is generally delivered in 3 sessions per week at regular times as agreed with the family.

Wherever possible sessions take place outside of the learner’s home (in approved venues such as libraries, e-learning centres or at our Base – Thorneywood Education Base).

Individually tailored programmes of work are designed and delivered to meet the needs/circumstances of the child/young person. Emphasis will be on the core curriculum and include IT Computing and PSHE as appropriate, underpinned by the aim of promoting the self-confidence and self-esteem of learners. Learners are prepared to take public examinations, where appropriate.

Our aim is to support the learner to return to school as soon as their health allows. We therefore liaise closely with teaching staff at their school/academy to maintain curricular continuity as far as possible.

Review meetings are held in school approximately half-termly. The need for further Home Education Support is reassessed and agreed at these meetings.

We facilitate links with Futures, Colleges/Training providers for learners in Key Stage 4 to ensure a successful transition to post-16 provisions.

(b) The Fairmead Group

Key Stage 4 learners on Home Education who are unlikely to return to mainstream education (predominantly those suffering from anxiety-related disorders) may be offered a place in the Fairmead Group at Thorneywood Education Base.

Students (maximum 12 in total) attend the Base for a total of 12.5 hours per week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings and all day Wednesday.

The core curriculum, IT Computing, a variety of AIM Awards and Self-Development is delivered by specialist teachers and learning is supported by two Teaching Assistants.

Learners follow individual programmes of work in line with their level of ability/personal circumstances. Arrangements are made for them to sit GCSE exams at our Base as Transferred Candidates. The aim is to achieve maximum accreditation for learners.

Emphasis is also placed on raising self-esteem and self-confidence as well as preparation for life, post-16. Opportunities are created for students’ social interaction, including off-site visits. Learners are encouraged to take part in work experience/volunteering opportunities.

Hospital and Home Education Learning Centre
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