QMC Education Centre

QMC Education Centre

This policy applies equally to all those pupils who are unable to attend school because of medical needs, both those who are physically ill or injured and those with mental health problems. Particular care is needed to ensure that there is adequate provision for pupils suffering from mental illness. We recognise that pupils with mental illness, anxieties, depression and/or school phobia, may be admitted to hospital for either mental or physical health reasons.

All school aged children at QMC Education Centre, the Hospital School have access to a broad and balanced curriculum within the framework and strategies of the National Curriculum. A personalised approach to learning is established within the school and offers opportunities for teaching subject content and pupil learning to be matched to the individual needs of pupils as far as practical, whilst taking account of particular health and medical needs.

For long stay and recurrent students, liaison with pupil’s home schools provides support for learning programmes.


1. Education is provided to ensure that children who are ill (and others referred to the Service) will, as far as possible, receive an education which prevents them from falling behind their peers. The curriculum content taught at the Hospital School at each Key Stage is therefore determined for each individual pupil by their home-school.

2. During the time a child is with QMC Education Centre, the home-school still continues to have a responsibility for him / her, and s/he remains on the home-school roll.

3. Pupils with medical needs should have access to the full National Curriculum wherever possible. As a minimum, pupils with medical needs are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum complementary and comparable to that in school. This will depend on how ill they are at any time.

4. There is a shared curriculum responsibility between the mainstream school and ourselves. We offer a specialised curriculum where appropriate. There is a sliding scale of responsibility.

5. Parental involvement is encouraged wherever possible and appropriate.

6. Individual programme planning, record keeping and reporting will be in line with national requirements, the National Curriculum levels of achievement and a child’s individual situation.

Hospital and Home Education Learning Centre
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