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What is Home Education Fairmead Group?

Key Stage 3 and 4 (Year 9, 10 & 11) pupils with medical needs who are unable to attend their own school but who are fit to leave home will be expected to attend our small group provision called The Fairmead Group.

Where do the Fairmead Group sessions take place?

Teaching sessions take place in the Fairmead Group classroom, within Thorneywood Education Base. The teaching groups usually contain up to 6 pupils. The maximum number of pupils attending is 12.

When do sessions take place?

Pupils are taught for 12.5 hours per week in total:- Mon, Tues & Thurs 9.30 am – 12 noon & Weds 9.30 – 2.30 pm.

How are lessons organised?

Pupils receive specialist teaching in GCSE English, Maths and Science as well as completing AIM Award units in a variety of topics. The curriculum includes SMSC (Social Moral, Spiritual, and Cultural). Each pupil has an individual programme of work, tailored to his or her needs.
There are also opportunities for the pupils to socialise, practise basketball shooting, play badminton or practice football skills outside at break time.
We also support healthy lifestyle by providing fruit, fruit juice and water. There are also a range of cultural activities throughout the year including visits to the Orchard, Pantomime, theatre, Art Galleries etc.

Who are the Fairmead Group Staff?

The Fairmead Co-ordinator and Maths Teacher is Arti Pearson, English and Self Development is taught by Louise Sutton, Michelle Malcolm teaches Science, Margaret Glynn teaches AIM Awards and delivers the Self Development Program, David Cook and Emma Berrington are Teaching Assistants.

What are the links to the pupils’ school?

Pupils remain on roll at their own school and Fairmead Group staff maintain contact with subject teachers at the school.
Review meetings including everyone involved are held in school or at the base at approximately six-weekly intervals. Parents are expected to attend these meetings. Detailed written progress reports are provided by Fairmead Group Staff.

Why is on-going medical support required?

In order to continue attending the Fairmead Group young people must receive ongoing support from appropriate medical personnel.

How will my child get to and from Home Education Base?

Pupils may:

  • walk or travel by bus
  • be transported by Parents
  • travel by taxi – providing there is appropriate written medical support.

Can I see for myself?

Prior to starting at the Fairmead Group, pupils and parents will be invited for an informal visit to the Base to meet the staff and pupils.

How will my child benefit from attending the Fairmead Group?

  • Pupils are taught in very small groups in a safe, friendly environment.
  • Unlike one to one tuition, pupils have the opportunity to meet other young people and do not become isolated at home- they can make new friends.
  • Pupils are taught by a small team of specialist subject teachers.
  • Pupils attending the group receive education on 4 mornings per week & 1 afternoon – 12.5 hours in total. (5 hours per week are usually allocated for 1 to 1 tuition)
  • Pupils receive excellent pastoral support.
  • Futures advisors have regular contact with pupils at the base.
  • Sessions on Self – Development (including PSHCE) encourage pupils to share ideas, and address issues such as self-confidence & low self-esteem.
  • From time to time pupils are taken out on educational visits & take part in work-related learning.

Comments from Stakeholders

Thank you for everything you have done for me! I couldn’t ask for anyone better to spend my 2 years here with’ – Fairmead student, Year 11, 2015.

‘Fairmead also support year 11’s in their future which I can say I have found out since being here before coming here I wouldn’t have known what to do in my future. From coming here I’ve changed my attitude towards lots of people and become a lot more positive towards my work. So that I thank Fairmead and all of the teachers who have worked here and helped me throughout year 11 and me being here at Thorneywood thank you for helping me work towards my future’ – Fairmead student, Year 11, 2015.

‘My daughter has changed for the better. If there is ever a problem, the school sort everything out. I am very happy’ – Fairmead feedback, July 2015

Just wanted to pass on to you some lovely comments from …….Mum. He has been in this week and his Mum was singing the praises of the two home tutors that he had and the Fairmead group staff where he attends now. The student has been in and out of Hospital over several years and we developed a relationship with him and his Mum over this time although he was usually too unwell or just not willing to engage with schooling (either with us in here or his mainsteam school). Mum said that Home Ed and subsequently Fairmead have been amazing for Him and (for Mum).-Received from a member of staff from QMC hospital.

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