Home Education

Home Education

Support provided by the Home Education Team enables schools/academies to fulfil their statutory obligation to ensure that children and young people receive suitable education whilst unable to attend for medical reasons.

The Home Education Team works with Head Teachers, governors, teachers and support staff to provide continuity of education for children/young people in Key Stages 1 to 4, whose health-related difficulties temporarily prevent them from attending their school for 15 days or more, either consecutively or regularly over time.

Referrals for Home Education Support (for Nottingham City residents) may be made by the school/academy and should be accompanied by a letter or report from a health professional (a consultant or community paediatrician) describing the child/young person’s difficulties and confirming the recommendation for Home Education Support on health-related grounds.

Home Education Referral Form

Referral Form

Direct referrals may also be made by Health Professionals:-

(a) Recuperation following hospital treatment

In some cases, children and young people need a period of recuperation when they are discharged from hospital. If medical staff feel that the child/young person will not be fit to return to school for a period of at least 3 weeks, a direct referral for Home Education support may be made by the hospital.

(b) On occasion direct referrals for Home Education Support may be made by health professionals such as Community Paediatricians, Thorneywood CAMHS/MALT CAMHS etc.

In such circumstances the Home Education Coordinator will contact school before setting up Home Education, because of the cost implications to the school.

Depending on need and capacity the child/young person will be assigned a Home Tutor, or Tutors, who will support him/her on a 1:1 basis.

Learners on Home Education for anxiety-related reasons who are in Key Stage 4 and who are unlikely to return to mainstream education, may be allocated a place within the Home Education Fairmead Group at Thorneywood Education Base. This decision is taken in conjunction with the learner, the school, family, health professionals and other agencies involved with the learner.

Hospital and Home Education Learning Centre
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