Our Vision and Ethos

Our Vision and Ethos

Pupils, parents/carers, staff, governors and other stakeholders were all consulted when agreeing our vision, mission statements and values; these are at the core of everything we do and can be summarised as follows:

  • Vision: Goal or ambition; what we hope to achieve
  • Mission: What we are doing professionally to serve our stakeholders
  • Core Values: What we believe in
  • Application: Practical things we are doing and plan on doing to achieve the above.

HHELC Vision Statement:

To deliver an exceptional education, which motivates our students to work toward their ambitions, to build resilience, overcome medical obstacles to progress and to achieve their potential.’

Mission Statements

Thorneywood and Home:

Our mission at Thorneywood School and Home Education is to:

  • enhance the present and future well-being of children and young people unable to attend school due to mental and/ or physical ill health.
  • provide the highest quality education in the setting most appropriate for their needs, either at Thorneywood School, at home or in the community,
  • liaise with parents/carers, medical and other services and agencies supporting them to gain a holistic view of their needs and to provide support to overcome barriers to learning posed by these.
  • provide a nurturing environment which encourages resilience, where they can regain confidence and a sense of enjoyment through learning.
  • support continuity of learning by liaising with their own school and creating personalised programmes of study
  • offer a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences on and offsite, to give them increased opportunities to succeed and build their self – esteem.
  • carefully monitor and review their time with us and make changes to their provision according to their needs
  • to return our children and young people to education, or other post 16 destination, via carefully planned reintegration programmes tailored to their needs.

 Children’s Hospital School (QMC):

Our purpose is to enhance the future well-being of children and young people unable to attend school due to ill health.

We do this by providing the highest quality education whilst overcoming barriers to learning posed by a variety of medical conditions. We are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standard of excellence in all we do and are ambitious for outcomes for our students, whilst always being guided by sensitivity. First and foremost, we consistently strive to make the experience of every child or young person in our care a model of quality through careful planning, appropriate teaching and feedback, support and effective communication with health professionals and Schools. Every day we aim to improve a child’s knowledge and understanding, their resilience and ambition, helping each pupil to reach their full potential whilst overcoming barriers to learning.

We know that it is essential to maintain a compassionate awareness of the anxiety experienced by families with ill and injured children, and an understanding of the impact it can have on the emotions and behaviours of the children and families in our care.

 Core Values

  • Respect
  • Kindness
  • Resilience
  • Empathy
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
Hospital and Home Education Learning Centre
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