The Management Committee at HHELC

The Management Committee at HHELC

The Members and their backgrounds

Chair David Rich , education, former headteacher
Vice Chair Matthew Day, NHS Management
Gary Eves, NHS Management
Jo Taylor, education, Special Educational Needs co-ordinator
Daniel Harley, solicitor
Vicky Butters, School finance
Jamie Hutchinson, Special Needs School Head
Elizabeth Milton, teacher Manager, co co-ordinator Home Education
Lynda Valentine, Interim Headteacher
Patrick Fielding, Interim Headteacher

Finance Committee
Chair – David Rich
Vice chair – Daniel Harley

School Improvement Committee
Chair – Matthew Day

Link roles

Special Educational Needs – Jo Taylor
School improvement – Matthew Day
Staff well-being – Gary Eves
Finance – Vicky Butters
Safeguarding – David Rich

The Hospital and Home Education Learning Centre became part of the newly formed Nottingham Schools Trust in September 2017. We anticipate that the school will benefit from being part of a much larger and inspirational organization in which the benefits will range from financial advantages of group purchasing to the flow of ideas, expertize and support between member schools The Aims of the Trust are as follows

To represent, lead, challenge, support and work on behalf of Nottingham City Schools-to focus on allowing school leaders to play their part in realising the vision of collective moral purpose and a shared commitment to the achievement and success of all children in the Trust

We want our children to
• be well prepared for the next stage in their lives and given every opportunity to fulfill their potential, particularly the most vulnerable
• be given ambitious targets and have their learning and progress effectively monitored
• be nurtured to become confident individuals, responsible citizens and successful lifelong learners
• be engaged, excited and motivated through a broad and balanced curriculum
Our schools will:
• retain maintained status and closely aligned to the Local Authority
• retain their individual characteristics
• be good or better and therefore avoid imposed intervention
• collaborate rather than compete
• exploit our strengths
Our Trust will:
• be run by our schools for our schools
• create stability and avoid further fragmentation and segregation
• establish a cost effective, sustainable and future proof approach to
education in Nottingham
• enable us to work together to make our schools stronger and more resilient
• protect and celebrate autonomy

Managers who have-

  • business interests, Vicky Butters, employed by  SAAF (School Administration and Finance )
  • financial interests, none
  • governance roles in other schools, Jamie Hutchinson-serving head teacher
Hospital and Home Education Learning Centre
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