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The Orchard on St Ann’s allotments

Home Education students have visited The Orchard on St Ann’s allotments for an afternoon of fire creating, mallet making, clay boggarts(!), wandering through the wonderful outdoors and socialising..

Student using a mallet

Mallet Making!
No Fire!
Fire In Preparation
Fire April 17

Making copper sulphate crystals

We used a balance to make sure that we measured the copper sulphate correctly. We used a spatula to make sure it was measured correctly. We put the copper sulphate in a beaker then we measured one ml of water using a measuring cylinder. Then we poured the water in the beaker and mixed it with a glass rod.  Most of the blue powder dissolved but some didn’t.  If the water was hotter, more would have dissolved.  Then we put it in an evaporating dish and left it for 3 days.

We saw crystals and no liquid left. The water has evaporated.

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