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Enhanced Curriculum

Enhanced Curriculum

To ensure learners of every age receive a balanced learning experience we offer a varied enhanced curriculum.

Animation Group

Animation group is held every Friday. The aim is to give all young people the opportunity to learn new skills, develop existing skills and express themselves creatively.

Creative Sessions

Wednesday afternoons we offer a wide range of craft and art based activities designed to allow learners to develop skills and techniques whilst developing creative expression and creative thought. These sessions are in addition to any GCSE, AIM or Post 16 courses in Artistic subjects students may be studying with us. The sessions are planned as group activities to promote participation.


On Thursdays we have an external provider who comes in to hold drumming and ukulele sessions with the group. The sessions are group activities and all young people are encouraged to have a go. There is also 1:1 time available for any young people who are studying music or have a particular interest in music or singing.

Trips Off Site

Where appropriate we organise off site trips. These vary depending on the learning and health needs of individual students. One regular trip we make is to St. Anns Community Orchard where learners take part in a wide range of outdoor learning experiences. Learners are also taken off site to facilitate individual needs, particularly Post 16 students. As Post 16 learners develop into young adults we provide a range of life skills development such as learning their driving theory ready for testing. As part of this process young people may be escorted to the local post office to apply for provisional driving licences.


We work closely with the Occupational Therapist, Dietician and Nursing Team on the unit to support young people with learning opportunities in the kitchen. We support young people in developing practical and safe cooking skills whilst also learning about balanced diet, nutritional content of food and the sharing of food in a social way.

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Learning (SMSC)

Our curriculum is planned to include smsc opportunities. Some of these are purposefully smsc focussed activities during group time, others are built into curriculum subject areas.

Work Related Learning

All students are given learning opportunities that are work related, either developing the skills and knowledge required for work or specific career focussed activities which give learners inspiration and ideas about the world of work.


We are fortunate to have woodland, a pond and plentiful raised beds and polly tunnel on our site. We take advantage of this resource by encouraging all learners to appreciate the life in these areas and where appropriate take part in gardening activities through out the year.

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