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We understand how important school and college is for many of our young people, and how getting back into this can sometimes be an anxious and worrying time. We work closely with your school/college to look at how best we can all support you back when the time is right at a pace that is comfortable for you.

All our young people are treated as individuals and you will work with staff to make a personalised plan which suits your specific needs and will best support you. It may be we need to look at how to support eating in school or it could be looking at how to manage and reduce anxiety for you.

Re-integration can happen very quickly for some of our young people and for others this can be a very gradual transition over a period of time. That said, some of our young people don’t require this support and are happy to make that transition for themselves. Whatever it is that you require we will be there to support you along the way.


“School did get easier like you said; you helped me loads coming in, especially at break and lunch for me.”

“Thanks for helping me get back to school, I’m still not in fully yet, but you helped me at the first stage, no one else could have made me walk back in to that building.”

“Thank you for all your support and hard work you’ve put in to me.”

“I was really nervous about getting back to school, but you made me feel more confident and comfortable, thanks for all your help and support.”

Hospital and Home Education Learning Centre
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