Thorneywood Respect, Kindness, Resilience, Empathy, Responsibility, Honesty


Respect, Kindness, Resilience, Empathy, Responsibility, Honesty

Our mission at Thorneywood School and Home Education is to:

  • enhance the present and future well-being of children and young people unable to attend school due to mental and/ or physical ill health.
  • provide the highest quality education in the setting most appropriate for their needs, either at Thorneywood School, at home or in the community.
  • liaise with parents/carers, medical and other services and agencies supporting them to gain a holistic view of their needs and to provide support to overcome barriers to learning posed by these.
  • provide a nurturing environment which encourages resilience, where they can regain confidence and a sense of enjoyment through learning.
  • support continuity of learning by liaising with their own school and creating personalised programmes of study.
  • offer a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences on and offsite, to give them increased opportunities to succeed and build their self – esteem.
  • carefully monitor and review their time with us and make changes to their provision according to their needs.
  • to return our children and young people to education, or other post 16 destination, via carefully planned reintegration programmes tailored to their needs.
Hospital and Home Education Learning Centre
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